Our Story

Since time began the noble idea of companions sharing bread and dreaming how to unite their collective talents in the pursuit of greatness has gripped the human spirit.

These like-minded companions trading, serving or creating, simply became known as 'companies'.

Their heroic efforts to make things possible, for their families and the community, became the basis of the free enterprise society we enjoy today.

The humble cobbler who joined others to create a shoe company; the tailor who inspired others to create the first fashion company; the gritty miners who teamed up to make clothing and boots; the cotton farmers who united to manufacture for the masses.

At Pacific Brands, we salute these people and the spirit of all who have dreamed of creating great companies. We salute the many ordinary people who still believe that groups of companions with a common cause can and will move society forward.

As such our stance is simple; as one of Australia's last homegrown companies, we believe in the very idea of the heroic Australian company that inspires people to feel anything's possible.  We vow to step up, to make people proud again - of what we do and what we hold true.

We are united by our vision to be the Australian company known for innovation and design that's loved by the world.

And we know it's our companions, who travel together to every part of the globe as proud members of Pacific Brands who will, with integrity and hope, continue to create this great company.